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Visual artist based in Cardiff

Student Recruitment

Student recruitment is a funny term…  when I think of recruitment I think of employees and soldiers being called up to offer service to the institution with remuneration. I wonder what the actual meaning of recruitment is and if others … Continue reading

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Can’t see the wood for the trees

Crack went the whip over our heads. “Heads down!”. The rain soaked into us and the cold bit at our extremities. The drums beat out their repetitive rhythm. They didn’t need to tell us to “get to it”, we wanted … Continue reading

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New works

work emerging inspired by the innate geometry of the canvas. blackboards, structure, chance, space and history. 

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New beginnings in black and white.

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Inspiration from Frie Leysen’s Keynote speech at the Drama theatre Sydney Opera House 23/01/15

Audience Engagement in Welsh Visual Arts Recently, (Oct 2015) Frie Leysen’s keynote Speech has been highlighted by people involved in the Welsh Visual Arts and praised. This has caused some alarm for me. Because, although I agree with around half … Continue reading

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exhibition in Oxford June 2015

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‘Everything colour taught me about myself’

Here is an install shot or two of the little show squeezed into the […] Space at the mission gallery Swansea. Informally titled ‘everything colour taught me about myself’. Opens tomorrow and is up for around a month. Gallery is … Continue reading

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New house, new studio – New directions?

Now that we have got near to completing our move and all the decorating and are settling into our new home I have been able to get together a temporary studio in the garage. Here is a sneak preview of … Continue reading

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PhD meeting

I have just had a PhD meeting with Colin Crumplin from Bath Spa. And it was very interesting.   I should fill you in the background I would like to do a PhD that sits between the arts and psychology. … Continue reading

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Bit first birthday

I have waited a long time to see people dancing and enjoying themselves in front of art works. Ok it’s probably largely due to the dj, but still it’s lovely to see. I don’t know why this hasn’t happened before? … Continue reading

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