Based in Cardiff and with a background in the Human Sciences, my artwork is exhibited across the UK, and Europe. I received a Masters level distinction from Swansea Met, and my work has been recognised by The Bath Society of Artists, Paintings in Hospitals, The Welsh Artist of the Year competition (winner of the student prize 2010) and featured on the Cover of Artist Newsletter (April 2012).

Inspired by my perspective as a colour-blind artist, my work has developed from a background in observational painting and drawing to consider perception in a much wider sense. The work now utilises a multi-media approach, which includes, painting, drawing, film-making, audio-works and public engagement.  Although, I still consider myself a painter.

My research interests are drawn from the arts, everyday life, from philosophy and the sciences. Areas of particular interest include, cultural evolution, Universal Darwinism, the evolution of consciousness, the relation between theory and practice, perception, optical illusions and colour theory. The painted works are inspired by my research interests, but  often also make reference to children’s games and board games to give a bright, simple and playful aesthetic. In the film and public works perception is treated in a much more general sense, drawing upon the history of science, aspects of cultural transmission and fuzzy logic.

In addition, I lecture on my work and the relationship between the Arts and Sciences and I am currently working with Julia Thomas on an Art and Science network for Cardiff.


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  1. medjivepjis says:

    Phil, FYI, the Venice Vending Machine was not devised by Elysium Gallery and it would be very good of you to make a correction to this error. Elysium was invited to participate in an idea concieved by Marina Moreno and Art-E-<otion. Your reference is untrue and contemptible.

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