New works in progress from the studio

A quick post to give a glimpse of the tinkering a in the studio.


This small work is hinting at a new direction and has a strong photographic quality. Very Luc Tuymans. It comes from a series of irresistible family slides from the 60’s and 70’s. Some of the colours had faded more than others and the exposures were all over the place. This gives them a great abstract quality and also a feeling of loss and emptiness combined with domestic familiarity.



The works below are the small works in the new set of chance colour compositions. Not finished yet so not quite the quality I’m aiming for. I would love to exhibit all the new colour works together in gallery with the paintings spotlit on a black wall. I would have Betty Boo’s best of album playing at the opening and all the drinks would be neon cocktails. Everyone would have to wear bright coloured clothes. It would be sensational!

Some of these deliberately explore perspective effects so just for your information they are all photographed flat to the camera.






This one is the large gloss version, which is good enough to lick! THIS IS BEING SHOWN AT THE BIT STUDIOS FIRST BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY 17th JAN  AT THE MILGI WAREHOUSE. Art and Dj’s from 7pm – 1pm apparently I shall try and make it over late. I think this is a good painting to dance too….



I still advent been able to leave this old painting alone and I keep doing a little more to it. I think Im done now, but I said that I month or two ago!



Below is some sculptural work that Im doing using recycled pipette tip holders from the Cancer Stem Cell research department at Cardiff University and coloured drinking straws. We are working with first year GCSE kids from Heol Ddu in Bargoed and the plan is to make these bright and playful reconstructions of the 3D form of DNA (maybe). These are some tests. i am toying with the idea of lighting them from below but it doesn’t seem to be lighting up the straws in the way I had expected? On another note there are some really interesting optical effects using straws. From above the image disappears and you can see straight through (to another image perhaps) but from the sides the original image is visible…




Below are some prelim photos of some new dynamic paintings. The middle picture is just the one on the left and right mounted onto of each other and hung on the studio cupboard. Just an idea…?

Anyway – newsletter will follow in the next month or so.





Re-Construction Gloss and oil on Plywood 1m x 1m at widest point 201420140110-123800.jpg

Blues Explosion! 2014 Oil and Gloss paint on Plywood 1m x 1m at widest point 300dpi


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