Old paintings reworked

With the recent move of studio there has also been a reason to revisit a few old works that have been lying around.

Firstly, the black painting from the Spectrum Series, way back in 2008, (I think?) has sold and I wanted to work on it a bit more and bring it a little nearer a resolved painting. Some of the series, particularily Purple, White and Yellow were well formed and complete paintings, but others were a little short of that, being more expressions of ideas that didnt have the time to be fully resolved. White for example took around a year and some really dramatic changes in direction before that was finished although others were quicker. Anyway I am a little happier now. Happy enough to let it go, although I reckon I could easily carry on working on it indefinitely.

N.B. Low quality image.

N.B. Low quality image.


Secondly I have continued tinkering with the Blocks on the cutting board that was painted around two years ago. I am now much happier with it, in fact Im sort of in love with it. Its beginning to show a sort of truth and beauty that goes beyond its very humble subject matter. I think it may also signal a future direction both in terms of the return to observation based elements and also the fact that removing paint, as well as adding, is so easy to do when painting on board.

Blocks on the Cutting Table 2013


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