Every Witch Way

This piece was a lot of fun making, a chance to enjoy using the wonderfully luscious qualities of household gloss! It seems to have a richer quality than oil, although it is a nightmare to control the colours due to significant colour change when the paint dries. Also a nightmare to photograph! ImageSomething about the skin of the paint seems to suggest that underneath is all pigment, I guess like cutting through polished perspex.

The painting itself builds on what has been quite a slow process of evolution from the original ‘Yellow – Jouessance’ piece in the spectrum series. Although, here all the background has been dispensed with and the bars themselves have been altered to give the perfect balance between volume and linear spatial presence. Again, the chance arrangements of the bars (mapped from real life models) are drawn in three planes to give the illusion of a 3D form. 

The painting seems to have a resemblance both to graphics, for instance the ‘kappow’ in a batman comic or perhaps Lichtenstein’s ‘Whamm!’ of 1963, and to inorganic chemistry, crystalline forms and certain forms of graphical analysis. the glassy skin of the gloss seems to reference and complement the digital elements and computer mapping involved in making the composition.

This piece will act as a promo piece, allowing me to make unique paintings to order using the  same process. These will probably cost around £600- £800 through a gallery.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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