Box of Blocks series

Following on from the blocks series I have been working on a nice little run of small paintings, which explore similar themes. The labelled blocks are dropped into a box and then mapped to give the composition for these paintings. By taking more of the decisions away from the artist and allowing them to be determined by chance, the paintings feature unexpected relationships. These echo the complex arrangements in nature, rather than the predictable schema created by design.


By removing more variables from the artist, it forces a greater concentration on those variables that I do control, such as the colour. Considerable time is put into making a palette that seems, to me, to balance.

In part these works influenced by colour theory and the work of Josef Albers, but they sympathise with Pop art and Gerhardt Richter’s reaction against colour theory. Echoing the random arrangements of colour in Richter’s grid series, or perhaps Damian Hirst’s spot paintings.



Although here, the structure of the grid itself is allowed to succumb to chance. This allows surprise colour and spatial arrangements, in a playful and joyful aesthetic, relating back to the simple toys and games of toddlers.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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