Unnatural selection

Work in progress on Unnatural Selection

Work in progress on Unnatural Selection

Unnatural selection 4x6

These are the 24 small paintings created through random processes. The public in each exhibition and data gathering location will vote on these.

These works explore links between Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection and modern arts practice.

24 abstract paintings have been created from simple randomly placed and coloured elements. These works were then displayed to the public, who were asked to vote for their favourites. The votes from each exhibition were then gathered and ‘results prints’ were made for each location. In a process that mirrors the ‘selection’ process in natural selection.

The ‘results prints’ show the ingredients for abstract paintings that are the adapted to the audience in each particular exhibition locations or ‘niche’.

What do the selected works imply about the tastes and influences on the people in each location?
And what do the patterns across different locations say about the underlying factors influencing these choices?
Can data gathering, evolutionary modelling and other scientific processes produce art?

The project is part of a series of works exploring links between art and science through an analysis of the cultural, perceptual and aesthetic elements in contemporary art. These projects touch upon a range of issues that connect art, philosophy and science. These include, issues arising from materialist philosophy, such as consciousness, free will, design and cultural evolution. These issues will be explored in a public seminar to be held at The Milkwood gallery in June 2013.

Data-Gathering dates

Roath Library – AM 15th Jan and PM 9th Jan 2013

Swansea Central Library – Tuesday 5th February 2013

Newport Central Library  – Monday 11th February 2013

Newtown Library – Tuesday 12th February 2013

(More dates TBC)

Exhibition dates

Swansea Met University (With Lecture), 22nd Feb – 22nd March 2013
Newport Museum and Gallery, 15th April – 11th May 2013
Milkwood Gallery, Lochaber Street, Cardiff (With Seminar), TBC  May –  June 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 15.32.27


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