The final work in the Chance and colour series?

Hot off the press is the final piece in the chance and colour series…maybe…

To tie in with the first painting in the series the piece again uses areas of perceptual uncertainty where the wood becomes both foreground and background. Also the uses the bright border of colour to tie it all together in the same way that the early pieces did. However the content of the piece has changed. Rather than being purely about perception this piece mixes in a large does of sociobiology, memetics, genetics etc. This shifts the focus away from chance elements in relation to the aesthetics of composition towards the role that chance plays in evolution.

The three basic rules of evolution are variation – (through chance), Selection – (according to the particular niche) and of course reproduction. Just how much chance there is in the variation is an interesting question, and it may be that the watchmaker is not quite as blind as he had previously been thought to be. The debates around this area rage on – and they are fascinating. They range between the extreme materialist view, which posits that everything can be explained by particular interactions and ultimately therefore there is no true free will, to the spiritualist views and a host of other possibilities in-between. Fascinating stuff. With fascinating consequences in terms of how we see the world and how we understand the individual in society.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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