Cover Artist for the April edition of AN

Wonderful news, this is going to be the cover image for next months AN. Totally out of the blue and apparently as a result of the review of the Newport show which was in this months copy. The kind people at AN even pay for the honor so, extra good news!

Although nothing is perfect, unfortunately the thing was put together in a bit of a rush and the text that goes with it is not as I would have liked, I never had a chance to even proof read it!

For a start I don’t think you can consider Euan Uglow a contemporary artist now that he is dead! More seriously the text was taken from an artist statement from before I was working with scientists and when I was working on the pseudo, fake and discredited sciences, such as phenomenology etc. I hope that no one from Cardiff University reads it and thinks I am talking about them! I am most certainly not! And there is no web address or contact details so I suspect I will see very little reaction to it. Anyway to put the record straight here is the cover of AN as it will be and here is also a recent copy of my CV. So you can all see exactly what I have been up to!


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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One Response to Cover Artist for the April edition of AN

  1. I was about to throw out the last hard copies of a-n when i saw this cover again and remembered how interesting it was as i use plywood and leave supports visible and try my hand at some trompe l’oueil too. and am based near carmarthen with work in a new show at Jobs well, just opened, and reviewed by the black blog of carmarthen here on wordpress…so, good timing in the end.

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