A little diversion from abstracted ideas of space and colour

As the title suggests I have recently briefly returned to painting from life.

First off there is this small little studio sketch. I particularly like the way it falls apart when you look closely. For example the linseed oil bottle on the far left which is just a few marks on the bare plywood background and yet becomes a bottle as you again as you move away. In a similar vein I like the way in which the brands of the paints can be made out and yet the whole things is a very quick sketch. i think it is about the minimal that can be done to make a painting, and as it is a painting about paint, I called it ‘Whats in a painting?’ – sorry for that…

The secondly, there is this little painting of the coloured blocks that I use to model the Chance composition and colour pieces. I loved the simplicity of the scene and have tried to capture this. Keeping everything as minimal as possible. The blocks are sat upon a cutting table in the studio and I love the roughness of the scored formica surface. Perhaps most interestingly by scoring down to the plywood support and by leaving the background unpainted, this painting makes links to the more graphic and abstracted series of works. I have been trying to work out how I might be able to tackle observational painting alongside the more graphic styles and this little painting my hold the key.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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