Commercial work

I think it is time to document some of the commercial work I am doing on the blog site. Although I had intended to keep the two areas quite separate, I think now that it is perhaps more honest and forms a better portrait of the artist if I acknowledge both. If people dont like the idea that a conceptual artist does commercial work or vica versa, then they need to get their head out of their backside and smell the roses.

I have three main lines of commercial work, these include portraits, murals and pet portraits. In fact I will do pretty much anything! Some of the pet portraits are displayed on this blog… but here are a couple…


This portrait below is a commission for St James Piccadilly in London. Hopefully it will be up and hanging later this year and you can visit it. Done from a single black and white portrait, this was a tricky commission balancing the needs of the family to have his sentimental nature recognised and the needs of the church who needed the portrait to match their other institutional portraits. Hopefully I succeeded.

And finally, here are a couple of examples of murals, both very different. the first is an abstract mural with an african landscape flavour that was commissioned for a stairwell in a domestic extension in Barry, South Wales. the other is an enchanted forest mural for a child’s bedroom in Cardiff. The forest is currently unpopulated as we have a deal with the child that she has to first name the animals she wants in the forest!


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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