Roath Park Conservatory Project

This is the slightly rough video documentary of the sound piece (installation) that was commissioned by The Made in Roath festival organisers for the Roath Park Conservatory.

Originally intended to be shown along with a fake projected rainbow, the technical and financial constraints soon took their toll. The budget was £0 and the humidity in the greenhouse would have destroyed any projection equipment.

That said I was delighted with the way the finished piece was received. Knowing full well that sound pieces can be incredibly irritating, I hoped that this would work well with the ‘Garden of Eden’ greenhouse environment. The general consensus seems to have been that the public enjoyed it, the rangers tell me that they had a much larger crowd than usual and people even engaged with the content of the piece and started trying to guess and debate the colour music. What more can I ask.

The piece was developed from the Luscher test audio pieces featured earlier. Again it involved surveying the public to find peoples subjective note and colour associations. These were then listed and sung by the incredibly talented and pitch perfect Danielle Meunier. Exploring the objective validity of subjective associations… or, in a more simple way, the fuzzy logic created when we want to make a universal objective truth out of our personal subjective opinions. This project explores those themes touched on with the Physiognomy project done in Wirksworth back in 2009.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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