Anblickspiel – the venice version

For the Venice vending machine project devised by Marina Moreno and Art-E-Motion, and assisted by Elysium in Swansea I have submitted a series of paintings on plywood entitled Anblickspiel. Anblickspiel makes reference to Wittgenstein’s Sprachspiel. Otherwise known as Language games. This is the philosophical theorem that describes how meanings are negotiated within communities. I would take this a level further and say that what we see happening in the human communities around us is, basically, using the same mechanisms and takes the same form as negotiations taking place between different modules in the brain. These then define how we perceive the mixture of different key visual components that make up our perception.

The tile each feature a combination of symbols drawn from basic geometric shapes and circuit wiring symbols. These have been used because they are free of political and religious connotations, and so act as shapes and symbols but do not get overpowered with any specific meaning. Leaving interpretations available for negotiation and subjective experience. Of course, however, the use of electrical symbols does also neatly relate to electrical charges within the brain, and the geometric shapes also refer to the platonic components or key aspects of the human visual system.

The works can be seen as a series of minatures each one a painting in their own right. In this context they draw from the 1980’s Neo Geo style work, in particular of Peter Halley, and perhaps more recently the work of Marta Marce. Whilst continue my enquiry into the perception and meaning with the arts.

Or the user can set up their own meanings for the pieces as a group. Using their resemblance to dominoes or runes, and by doing this demonstrate the tendency to infer a meaning and purpose.

Marta Marce talks about games as being a metaphor for life, whilst I would agree with this I would go further and suggest that they are also perhaps more importantly a metaphor for the negotiated value systems within art itself.

The piece will be packed into a plastic ball and loaded into the vending machine at the VeniceĀ Biennale. The participants will donate money for tokens which they can use to obtain this and other pieces by Welsh artists. A game within a game. No money will be received by the artist and all monies will go towards funding a publication by Elysium to document the works included. An e-mail address and link to this blog will be included and it is hoped that the eventual owner of these pieces will get in touch at some point in the future.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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