Work on the dotty illusion

I have been working on defining the parameters for a famous visual illusion which makes people see dots that are not there.  I would really like to use this in a painting, and I am exploring how this could dovetail with my interest in space and perception. The intention is to include this as part of the degree show in Swansea in June, however, this is not strictly about the perception of colour. This work could lead to an opportunity to clash observational working methods with geometrical and logic based criteria for making a painting. After all observation is perception and the illusion of reality in a painted image fits in well with theories of intentionality in perception – as does geometry and perspective. Painting after all is an essentially phenomenological practise – thats art speak for it is effect based. 

Dotty illusion in spatial illusion

Dotty illusion in spatial illusion


Dotty illusion

Dotty illusion - do you see dots in the white circles?


Exploring colour parameters in the illusion


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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