Colour Solids

landscape of colour, peaks of black, troughs of yellow

This shows black as a colour most clearly and a universal brown core

I have been working on a range of colour solids to attempt to express the logic of colour perception.  the results so far have all been losely based on the Munsell solid. However, they are all flawed as it quickly becomes obvious that there is more than one system operating perceptually.  As a colour blind artist, for me the balance between the chromatic distance from yellow to blue through both the red and green areas of the spectrum must be equal. this was explored in the colour blind spectrum painting.  all colour solids that arrange the colours by complimentary pairings have to overemphasise one area of the spectrum in order to keep this pairing. Usually this is the red side of the spectrum.  This is because blue and yellow, although polar opposites in many ways are not a complimentary pair, thats purple and yellow and blue and orange. Anyway, hopefully there is a fun dynamic and colourful painting that will result from this work. Enjoy the solids – for me they do what I want express a readable logic, have an enjoyable vibrant even playful aesthetic and exhibit a dynamic spatial interest.

Note all colours blend to a universal brown and white, and that not all colours blend into black. In these solids Black is a colour not an absence of light.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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