The Nottingham synaesthetia project

Run at Backlit galleries in Nottingham in its earliest incarnation this project was in addition to the Luscher test project.  In this project people were asked to select a tone on a keyboard to represent their favourite and least favourite colours in the short version of the Luscher test (colour phsychology test)  the tones were then collected and made into a short soundtrack for each colour.  the sound tracks speed up in an attempt to blur the selected notes into a chord for each colour.  Due to a 15min video restriction on You tube this features all the colour sound tracks except the blue, can you work out the others, or can you?  Definately not a scientific survey of synaesthetia, although related, this project explores associations between colour and music, ideas of purity of colour and tone and positions within an audio and visual spectrum.It also explores using the scientific process to create art.  It is interesting that the moment of art and public engagement, seemed to happen in the making of this piece as I asked people about the colours and tones. the results and the finished piece seemed to have lost something.  So this is better perhaps as a performance piece?


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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