Logic, Plato and drawing

More can be said about this piece and probably shall be in later posts.  Once again excuse the grainy quality and bad video detail, it would be better if you could actually see the line!! This was definitely a test piece and could be done better.  But then this blog is designed as an open sketch book.

A short video featuring a drawing constructing entirely with pencil, compass and straight edge.  This drawing was a quick experiment to explore the inevitability of methods of construction.  Platonic forms emerge from pure line. Geometry emerges from the forms and then spatial projection from the geometry.  Although the method was pre-planed, there is a sense that when the brain and a piece of paper interact, these patterns are innate outpourings.  In a sense similar to patterns in chaos or the order associated with the Fibonacci sequence.


About Phil Lambert

Visual artist based in Cardiff
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